Have the courage to start a new business? Keep the following tips in mind as you begin your journey…

  • Don’t let money be the reason

We all enter into the world of entrepreneurs aiming to gain the wealth of Bill Gates and Oprah Winfrey.  And, yes I believe we can!  But, first we must invest countless hours, sleepless nights, and make huge sacrifices to grow our businesses.  The money won’t come right away.  The contracts won’t come right away.  The telephone won’t always ring. If you have a calling to be an entrepreneur, be prepared to weather the storm.  Have a contingency plan, keep networking, and keep seeking opportunities.

  • Don’t be afraid

Develop your plan and step out on faith.  Make sure your business plan is solid.  Put some real time and work into your business plan.  Your business plan is the blueprint for your company.  When you step out to sell your product or service and someone tells you no, or responds in a manner that is not favorable, do not get side tracked.  Stay focused and keep your eyes on the prize – your company’s goals and mission!

  • Don’t let an open window of opportunity close.

Develop an elevator speech which clearly defines your business.  In 30 seconds, or less, be prepared to concisely articulate your company’s mission, experience and its unique qualities.  Be sure to deliver your introduction with confidence.  As a business owner, you are your company’s best spokesperson.  View every new introduction as an opportunity to pitch your elevator speech.  Seize the moment and the opportunity!

  • Don’t forget to give back

As you continue to perfect your craft, do not forget to reach out and teach those coming behind you.  Let’s face it, we won’t be here forever.  Work on your succession plan by training and mentoring others.  Whether speaking at schools, working at your church with a youth program, developing a college internship program, or preparing your children for leadership; give back and develop a solid future for your business.

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