Hybrid Roles are In-Demand as Businesses Scale Back

Hybrid Roles are In Demand

As businesses scale back due to the global pandemic, budgets are slashing, and two roles have now become one in many situations. Job seekers with dynamic skill sets are in demand. The more you have with your job responsibilities, the better chances you have for finding your next career path. While some companies have seen great growth from filling multiple roles with one individual, others have seen shortfalls from this practice. Here, we are laying out the benefits and risks that come with hiring hybrid employees.

The Bright Side of Hybrid Hires

With the right hiring process in place, hybrid hires can help keep your business afloat during tumultuous times, and keep your business processes connected across multiple departments. When employees understand how their work affects other departments, they can make better work decisions that help the entire company. Seeing the big picture helps develop your workforce into strong leaders who can bring your business into a new era of prosperity.

The Downside of Hybrid Hires

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, and if you give your best sales representative a new responsibility of handling payroll, you may see their sales numbers drop. Trying to carry too many tasks at once or learn a new role can take away from your best employee’s strengths while amplifying their weaknesses. When there are too many responsibilities for one person to handle, your management team will need to step in and redelegate tasks to make up for shortcomings. You may also find it more difficult to assess the progress of hybrid employees, as they may have a slower start since they are handling multiple responsibilities.

Is Hybrid Hiring Right for Your Business?

With the current employment climate, hybrid employees can help keep businesses open and functional, but are hybrid hires the right move for your business? If you’re willing to give your new hires the proper support to function in multiple roles, investing in hybrid hiring processes can show considerable gains for your business. If you’re ready to take the next step and find the best candidates for hybrid roles in your organization, reach out today.