If you are applying for positions, chances are you have lots of competition. With an abundance of applicants rolling through for interviews, you must separate yourself. How do you sell yourself to be better than the field?

1. Be more than your resume

If you get an interview, you are qualified for the position. It is in the interview that you seal the deal on the job. You must successfully become more than the bullet points that are on your resume.

Give them the ‘how.’ Don’t just tell them what you’ve done, expand on how you did it. For each previous position or accomplishment, figure out what you did that was unique, and explain how it is beneficial to the potential employer.

2. Provide insight and solutions

Positions are open because a service is needed. Employers seek candidates that can solve their problems in ways that are new, and that they cannot do themselves. If you approach the interview with a cliché mind, you will be ushered out of the door with little chance of returning.

Do the research. Figure out what the employer needs, and arrive ready to give fresh insight. You’ll prove to be more polished than your competition every time.

3. Check your nonverbal communication

Aside from everything that you say, all the things that you don’t are just as important. Always remember to check your posture and control your facial expressions. Don’t cross your arms or constantly lean forward during the interview, this makes you seem like a closed off person. Maintain eye contact when answering questions, and don’t let you eyes wander around the room too much. Don’t forget the essentials – a firm handshake and a smile!

4. Be positive

Don’t expect to get a job by complaining about your previous. This will not make you more attractive in the employer’s eyes, but make you seem difficult to work with. Instead, say you were ready for a change in position (like the one you are currently interviewing for). Positivity and optimism sells much better than everything else.

5. Want the job

Conduct the interview as you already work there. This is just another conversation with your boss. Dress for the job. Own the job. The confidence you take into the room with you will radiate from you. It will the first thing the employer notices, and will go a long way in landing you your new position.

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